What is .NET Framework?

Microsoft has created the.NET Framework, a framework for creating and executing Windows programmes. For creating desktop and web applications, the.Net framework includes developer tools, programming languages, and libraries. The.Net framework is used to create Windows-compatible programmes. FITA Academy offers the best Dot Net Training In Chennai with the placement assistance.

The framework also supports C# and Visual Basic among other programming languages. Therefore, programmers can select the language they want to use to create the desired application. This chapter will teach you the fundamentals a network architecture.

.Net Framework Architecture

An implementation environment and interface with a number of programming languages are provided by the .Net Framework Architecture, a programming architecture for the .Net platform that makes it simple to create and deploy a variety of Windows and desktop applications.

Class Library

There are a number of common class libraries included with the .NET Framework. A class library is a group of functions and methods that can be applied to specific problems.

For instance, a class library has methods that manage all operations at the file level. The ability to read text from a file therefore exists. There is also a method for adding text to a file.

Principle of Net Framework Design

In this course on .Net Architecture, we will study design principles. web architecture the design principles listed below. It is ideal for creating.Net-based apps because of the Net foundation.


The.Net framework offers backward compatibility if your application was created using, let’s say, version 2.0 of the.Net framework. Additionally, if you attempt to run the same programme on a machine with a higher.Net framework version, let’s say 3.5. 

The app will still function. This is so that Microsoft can guarantee that each new release is compatible with older framework versions. Are you looking for the Best institution to do a Dot Net training? FITA Academy is the right place to learn Dot Net Online Course with the help of experts in Dot Net.


Applications created using thea  ny Windows platform can use the. Net Framework. Microsoft has recently worked to make its products compatible with different operating systems like iOS and Linux.


The security system in the .NET framework is effective. Applications can be validated and authenticated with the use of built-in security mechanisms. Each application’s security mechanism can be explicitly defined. Each security measure is employed to let the user access to the operating programme or the code.

Memory administration

The common language runtime handles all memory management. The .Net framework offers the capacity to identify resources that the currently running programme is not using. After that, it will publish those sources. 

The .NET framework contains a software named “garbage collection” that is used to accomplish this. Regular garbage collection determines which system resources are not being used and releases them as necessary.

Simplified deployment  

Tools for compiling .Net Framework-based applications are also included with the framework. Then, these packages are made available to client computers. The application will be installed automatically by packages. Join Dot Net Training In Coimbatore to learn more about Dot Net tools.

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