What are the skills required for CCNA?


The CCNA provides you with the foundation needed to direct your career in any way. A career in networking or related Technologies can be prepared for by obtaining the CCNA certification. You must clear an exam covering a wide range of fundamentals relevant to your career to achieve the CCNA certification. This exam aims to assess your knowledge and abilities related to networking fundamentals and is based on the most recent networking technologies, software development skills, and professional positions. In this blog, we will discuss what are the skills required for CCNA. To have an in-depth understanding of concepts, you can apply for Ccna Course In Madurai at FITA Academy, which will help you focus on providing the right training to achieve a Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification. 

Your career development starts with this course, and the accomplishment of it will advance any student’s career. Even after reading a lot, it still seems that the exam will be hard. The CCNA exam is given by Cisco and it covers a wide range of topics and many protocols, although TCP/IP is its core focus. 90 minutes are allotted to complete the 50–60 questions on the CCNA test. Achieving the exam requires a high level of effort.

You must continually practise clearing the exam. No matter how much information you have, exams also contain questions that require you to patiently provide answers to real-world problems. One of the most highly regarded credentials in the world is the CCNA. If a student wants to pursue a professional career in the networking industry, then being Cisco certified CCNA is required. 

Before beginning their career as a CCNA networking specialist, everyone must be familiar with the eight skill sets covered by the CCNA Certificate program. Let’s now discuss these CCNA skill sets.  

Datacenter Technology:

This skill set provides you with an understanding of data centre installation, configuration, and maintenance. Cisco Certified Network Associate data centre is the appropriate Cisco certification for this skill set (CCNA data centre). To enhance your CCNA skills, enrol in the CCNA Course in Madurai, which focuses on providing good knowledge and training.

Routing and switching:

The ability to install, monitor, and troubleshoot network infrastructure items is developed through this skill set. The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification for this set of skills is appropriate (routing and switching).


The ability to design network services and infrastructure is developed by this skill. The Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) certification is appropriate for this skill.


This skill set gives you the knowledge required to build security infrastructure, identify threats that develop in networks, and reduce security threats. Cisco Certified Network Associate Security is the certification that applies to this skill set (CCNA security).

Services provider:

The information you gain from this skill set will help you design and implement the next-generation baseline for service providers, as well as the fundamental networking technologies and trends in the market. Cisco Certified network associate service provider is the appropriate certification for this skill set (CCNA SP).


The skill set includes information on how to deploy videos, set up new users, and manage networked video solutions. For this skill set, the Cisco certification that applies is the CCNA video, or the Cisco Certified Network Associate video.


The basic operations of the Cisco WLAN SMB protocol and Enterprise network are configured, monitored, and troubleshooting using this skill set. The Cisco certification that applies to this skill set is wireless certified network associate (CCNA wireless).


So far, we have discussed what are the skills required for CCNA. You can use books, practice tests, in-person classroom programmes, online courses, and intensive boot camps, or you can enrol in an institution that offers a CCNA certification course to help you prepare for the CCNA exam. If you are interested in learning about CCNA certification, get into the CCNA Training Center in Madurai to learn and acquire information about CCNA certification.

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