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Java is one of the high-level programming languages created at sun microsystem. Initially, it was called “oak” and later evolved as “Java”.The name “oak” was used by him because of the oak tree which was outside his office. One can have a bright career in java if they complete the certification in Java Training In Mumbai. Before trying to find the Reason To Learn Java Programming Language we will try to know what java is and what it is used for.

What is Java and what it is used for?

The purpose of java is to produce software for multiple platforms. In java applications the compiled code of java apps will operate on most operating systems, including Windows, Linux etc.Java derives much of its syntax from C and C++ programming languages.

Java is a comparable object-oriented programming language to “C.” Classes are used to define objects and methods in both languages. Variables and functions must be explicitly declared in Java, which is more strict than C. Unlike Windows executables (.EXE files) and Mac apps, such programs are not run directly by the operating system (.APP files). This implies that all Java programs are multiplatform and may execute on any platform. Any graduates can learn Java Training In Ahmedabad and get placed in the I.T industry if they are well qualified.

Features Of Java 


Java is easy to learn as it does not include the concepts of pointers and variables like “C”.If you are good in the basic concepts of java and wants to know the scope of java developer as you want to make this as your profession then joining Java Training In Kochi  will be very much useful for you.


In Java, everything is an object. Here everything will turn into an object with data and behavior, and it uses object-oriented principles like abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance.

Platform Independence 

Like other programming languages Java cannot be compiled into the platform-specific machine. It is distributed over the web and interrupted by the JVM on whichever platform it is being run on. If you are interested to know about this programming language then joining Java Training In Trivandrum at FITA ACADEMY will be very much useful for you.


Java bytes are portable because they can be transported and executed on any platform. There are no features that are dependent on the implementation. Everything about storage is predetermined, such as the size of the primitive data type.


So by concluding Java is a programming language that allows the definition and implementation of generic abstractions and gives a complete design for the extended language. Any individual can learn java and enter into the programming world with their determination.

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