Our technology is innovating new features every day. The technical issues are also increased due to the advancement of technology. Ethical Hacking is the way to block threats from unknown sources. These tools are helpful to safeguard sensitive information within the networks and system. Explore the importance of Ethical Hacking tools and techniques through the Ethical Hacking course in Chennai. Explore something new with the best support.

Ethical Hacking Tools

There are lots of tools available in different sources, these tools help for security navigation. Check below and study the types of Hacking Tools.


Latest web app security scanner that automatically recognizes the bug in web applications. It helps to discover dead vulnerabilities with the most advanced scanning technology. Moreover, it has less configuration and can scan more than 1700 web applications in a short duration. 

John the Ripper:

Popular password cracking tool, it auto-detects the encryption model of passwords easily. This tool uses some algorithms such as LDAP, Hash LM, MD4, DES, etc., Study about the Ethical Hacking Techniques and White Hat Hacking Tools through FITA Academy guidance.


It is an open-source tool for ethical hacking. It uses sniffing technology and analyzes network traffic in real-time. This tool includes different features like Packet browser, Power Graphical User Interface(GUI), and explores results in different formats. This tool is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, etc., One who wants to excel in this field can join the Ethical Hacking Online course for classes for career growth.


This tool helps to audit complex issues related to the network and web. It also has different variants like XSS, SQL injection, and more. 


This tool provides a quick solution to network and security issues. It also provides expert technical support and integrated software solutions.


The open-source tool supports programming languages like Ruby and Python. It also provides reporting in different formats such as RTF and HTML.


Open-source network scanners are used to detect vulnerabilities on different hosts. It also has different features like scheduled scans, a web-based interface, and more.


Open-source security tool used to manage, audit network, etc., It helps to find network mapping, malware, network audits, etc.,

Burp Suite

This tool helps to conduct security tests. It scans open-source software applications and detects bugs easily. Join Ethical Hacking Training in Chennai to learn about Ethical Hacking techniques and their uses.

Ethical Hacking Techniques

Ethical Hacking has the potential to scan, test and secure the system. Some of the techniques are listed below:

  1. Footprinting
  2. Sniffing
  3. Enumeration
  4. SQL Injection
  5. Cryptography
  6. Session hijacking
  7. Social Engineering

These techniques help Ethical Hackers to protect networks and systems more securely. 

Ethical Hacking Types

There are different types of hacking available nowadays. Find the types below:

  1. White hat hackers
  2. Miscellaneous hackers
  3. Black hat hackers
  4. Grey hat hackers

Hackers use different techniques to protect and disrupt security systems. Study about Ethical Hacking and its uses with specialist support.


Ethical Hacking Tools are used for the protection and security of various systems. In India, there is a huge demand for Ethical Hackers. If you wish to learn this course, enroll in an Ethical Hacking course in Coimbatore to get a bright future.

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