What makes cloud unique from other technologies?

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Cloud computing courses in ChennaiCloud computing gives benefits to all business. Both in India and abroad, there is a great demand for cloud developers. Cloud is an ever-growing one in the current world. Every cloud developers are innovating new mobile and web applications with advanced features. An individual can share their files from one to another. A database, server, networking, storage and analytics data are stored in single place and it is named as “cloud”. Authorized users can access the information at any time. Get start to learn cloud course at Cloud Computing Training in Chennai. Currently, mobile app companies are preferring cloud for data storing. It supports future developments. Compared to other technologies people always prefer cloud computing.

Cloud computing Enabling Technologies

  1. Network Virtualization
  2. Server Virtualization
  3. Virtual components and technologies
  4. Virtualization platforms like Virtual Box, VMware, KVM, etc.

Categories of Cloud computing

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Clients directly use databases and application software, it was offered by the service provider. It includes Dropbox, Outlook Web Access, LinkedIn, Twitter and much more.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

With this service, a developer needs to worry about buying and maintaining the software and hardware layers. It includes Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is the service model of the cloud. It is highly helpful to store files in a Google Drive and the user can be retrieved as whenever they required.

Career Opportunities in Cloud

Cloud offers a wide range of career opportunities and it includes cloud architect, cloud security expert, cloud consultant and much more. Make your career bright with the best guidance. Cloud computing courses in Chennai will be the right choice to learn all about the cloud. Use this opportunity and become an expert in cloud computing.

Move your business to the cloud

Elasticity and Flexibility

Cloud computing offers elasticity and flexibility to your design approach. Wherever you are in the world you can access your data from exact login details. Without exact login, it is difficult to share the data with others.


Cloud Vendors such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services have to operate the security. Get an in-depth with cloud computing through Cloud Training in Chennai. Many top companies approach cloud training and secure your data with the cloud.

Big Data Cloud

Big Data helps to handle a large amount of data and it is not possible with traditional systems. It includes analysis, collection, storage and visualization of the data.  Stay updated with current technologies, everything you need to know about the cloud industry.

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