Types of Google Rankings and how to tackle the issues

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First of all, you need to understand why your website has faced the rank drop. It might me penalty by the Google or the website has some problems in the ranking drop. The initial step you need to understand why your website has faced the rank drop. Here I am going to cover few methods to tackle the issues. SEO Training in Chennai is the best way to get new updates in SEO.

  1. Algorithmic or Manual Penalty Rank Drop

Generally, this is a major drop that happens within the short span of time. If you see that your web page rank drops for 10-20 positions for multiple keywords, this might show the penalty. The major difference between algorithmic and manual penalty is first one is automatic which will indicate penalty due to the algorithmic update and the second one is probably done by the employee.

  1. Rank drop due to on page issue

If you don’t maintain properly on page strategy for your web page, you will face a severe rank drop in the search result. This is the sign of concern where you can see rank fall when comparing with other sites in spite of doing proper link building and content quality.

  1. Rank drop due to link lost

Link lost occur mostly due to the getting backlinks from the low-quality site. To avoid this issue you should be careful when doing backlinks. Ensure you get the links from the high quality website.

  1. Rank drop due to the algorithm update

Your rank may decrease due to the new algorithm update by the Google. To overcome this problem, you have to up to date in all the Google algorithm and need to check now and then what updates have arrived today. This makes you get some idea about an algorithm to change our website according to the guidelines.

Whatever we need, we go on the internet to get the information about our searches. You can see that the competitor is in one step front to prevent their website from any issues. Don’t think in a way that should reach the first position suddenly go by the procedure. If you are interested to learn more about SEO take up SEO Course in Chennai. Learn the course with the best SEO Training Institute in Chennai.

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