Tips to increase the Quality score in Adwords

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SEO Training in ChennaiQuality Score can make a great influence over the effectiveness and cost of the paid search campaigns. Google quality score plays an important factor in cost per click and PPC ads. For freshers who are interested in starting their career in IT industry, they can join in SEO Training in Chennai. Quality score depends on the Ad Group, Keyword level, and some other factors.

Quality score

Quality score will depend on the relevance and quality of your PPC ads and keywords. The quality score will vary from 1 to 10, and this value used to determine the cost per click.

Factors influencing the Quality Score

  • Relevance of ad text
  • Relevance of keyword to ad group
  • Adwords account performance
  • Landing page
  • CTR

Reasons to improvise the Quality Score

Quality score is directly proportional with the PPC ad campaign. By optimizing the quality scores, we can experience the high return on investment. Cost per click is different from Cost per conversion. Cost per click is how much you pay for one click, and Cost per conversion is someone purchasing your product or signup for service.  For learning this interesting topic about quality score, join in SEO Course in Chennai. This will indicate that the PPC ads meet the needs of potential customers.

Various Types of quality scores

  • Ad group quality score
  • Ad level quality score
  • Keyword level quality score

Ad Group quality score

For making the good return on investment and to increase the Account quality score, you need to increase the Ad group quality score. By increasing all the ad groups’ quality score, we can increase the Ad group quality score.

Tips to improve the Ad Group quality score

  • Using one keyword per ad group makes to increase the Ad group quality score.
  • Splitting out the various CTRs, the keyword with lower CTR will affect the quality score.
  • Use the bid adjustments for mobile devices for gaining more control over the quality score.

Ad Level quality score

Ads with low-level CTRs in the ad group, then it will also be the reason for affecting the quality score.

Tips to improve the Ad level quality score

  • Ads which will have the CTR less than 1.5% from the scratch should be deleted.
  • Your account must have the grouped keyword themes for every ad group.
  • Including the keyword in the ad headline and use the variations of keywords in the ad body.
  • Insert the dynamic keyword.

Keyword level quality score

This is the type of quality score promoted by the Google for helping the advertisers to improve their ad campaign. This will be seen in the Google Adwords when you sign in.

Tips to improve the Keyword level quality score

  • Adding the board match keywords
  • Begin with the keywords with high CTR
  • Use the Broad match modified keywords
  • Boosting the impression by increasing the bids to rank high

I hope this article will provide you more about the tips to increase the quality score in AdWords. For starting your career in SEO, then join in Best SEO Training institute in Chennai. At present, the SEO professionals are having the huge job opportunities in IT industries.

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